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Jasmine Shantai was born in Virginia but raised in eastern NC. During her early years she was raised by her mom who was a single parent at the time. Her mother then remarried and her stepfather raised her as his own. 

She is the youngest of three siblings on her mother's side and the middle child on her father's side. 

She is the mother of a young son and she has a great co-parenting relationship with her son's father, Shawn.

Jasmine is surrounded by a village of loved ones who are a great support system to her. She is a member of Rhema Word Christian Center of Wilson, NC where Dr. Latoya Brewington is her Pastor. 

Jasmine has experienced many failed relationships and challenges in life. These experiences motivated her to launch Jasmine Shantai, LLC.

"Once we learn what God says about us, we no longer allow our past mistakes, bad decisions, or the opinions of others define us. Living Out Loud is about living life based on who God says we are" [fearfully and wonderfully made Psalms 139:14].  - Jasmine Shantai

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