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All Things New!!

One thing's for certain, life is gonna go on! And that's exactly what's been happening!

I turned 33 in November and this milestone was a true wake-up call for me. Up until 33, I had basically been living my life how I wanted to while sometimes asking God what he wanted me to do.

Any true believer knows that's not how this Christian walk is meant to go. I was tired of walking through the revolving door that was my life up until that point, which consisted of; Repenting, listening to God (when I felt like it), living in sin (while abusing God's grace and mercy), serving in the church (being in religion without true relationship), and going to bed every night with no peace.

I finally arrived at a point in my life where I realized that my peace can ONLY come from the Prince of Peace. And so now, prepare to be siccuh me! God has given me a new opportunity to live for him. And this time, I dare not take advantage of his love and kindness towards me. God loves little ole' J Shantai so much that he not only kept me when I didn't want to be kept, he also had enough patience to wait for me without giving up on me! I don't know a man on earth who has patience like God.

Two years ago I launched Living Out Loud with J Shantai. I had no idea how much my life would change by simply agreeing to share my testimony with others. Just know, we now have so much stuff to discuss that I can barely contain my excitement.

Welcome to a new era of J Shantai. In this new space, I will brag on God - real bad! I will sit back and tell you how he's rescued me despite terrible decisions I've made. And remember, I'm not ashamed! God allowed me to go through every trial and tribulation for this exact moment.

It is my prayer that this blog and my podcast platform will encourage someone to make better choices. I hope that you will see how much God has done for me and know that he is not respect of person - he will do it for you too!

Two years later and it's getting bigger and better! God has given me a voice and I'm gonna scream for as long as I live.......HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW! Old things are passed away. Let's Live Out Loud like never before.

Stayed tuned for new podcast episodes! Love y'all with the Love of God!

P.S. Go listen to the previous seasons for now....New Season Loading.......

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